Alternative Health Therapies

Alternative Health Care Treatments and Therapies in Georgia

If you live in the state of Georgia and are frustrated with the results you are getting from the traditional conventional medicine approach then welcome to this site.

What is the difference between Complementary and Alternative medicine?

Did you know that many Americans, nearly 40 percent, use health care approaches developed outside of mainstream Western, or conventional, medicine for specific conditions or overall well-being. When describing health approaches with non-mainstream roots, people often use the words “alternative” and “complementary” interchangeably, but the two terms refer to different concepts:

  • “Complementary” generally refers to using a non-mainstream approach together with conventional medicine.
  • “Alternative” refers to using a non-mainstream approach in place of conventional medicine

Alternative medicine recommends using herbs (also known as botanicals), vitamins and minerals, and probiotics to help balance the bodies systems instead of traditional medicine.

They recommend eating healthy locally grown organic food and to drink plenty of filtered water.

Our goal is that the practitioners on the pages of this website will be of assistance to you as your body heals itself as it was created to do.

Chiropractors in Georgia

Massage therapists in Georgia

acupuncturists in Georgia

If you would like to add your alternative health care practice please contact us.


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